Unique Communications offers a wide range of services to better your audio-visual experience, from equipment provision to design consultation, we can help you improve functionality and enjoyment of your space by applying our consideration and expertise.


Unique Communications is a full service AV installation company. We provide design, installation, and support services for installed sound systems, video conferencing solutions, projector and screen systems, video walls, video distribution systems, building automation networks, and distributed audio. Call us today to discuss solutions for your space.


For large companies with locations across the globe, the ability to collaborate remotely has been crucial for years. We have designed and installed various types of video conferencing systems for these companies- from main boardroom to huddle space. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are striving to digitise their processes and enable working from home for many of their staff, and video conferencing and streaming are crucial elements to enabling a socially distanced workflow. We supply hardware, platform, and service to ensure that your remote communication is secure, private and of a high quality. Contact us today to discuss a solution which suits your needs.


Sound masking is a technique wherein acoustic panels are placed within a space that would benefit from a modified ambient sound presence. The panels simultaneously absorb and block specific sound frequencies that can cause discomfort and decreased intelligibility. If you notice a room or space leaves you feeling uncomfortable or on edge, it can often be due to the acoustic properties of that area. Sound treatment can do a great deal to increase the feelings of warmth and ease in a space that was previously avoided. We are pleased to work with you to find the best possible sound treatment solution for your space.


Sound masking is a technology that introduces low volume noise into an otherwise quiet space to increase sensations of comfort and privacy. The frequency of the noise is specifically engineered to match the frequencies of human speech and to sound comfortable, even pleasant, to the human ear. Unlike white noise, sound masking frequencies put people at ease and increase privacy by making it difficult to hear even close-by conversations.

When used in an office setting, sound masking has been found to increase productivity by reducing noise-induced distractions, protecting speech privacy, and improving workplace acoustics. Contact us to see how quickly you could see a return on investment in sound masking technology while creating a happier work environment.

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